Release notes

Fluid Topics Version 3.1

Fluid Topics version 3.1 is out!  Based on the solid new foundations of v3.0, it brings great new features:

  • Improved reader with new image viewer, including vector graphics such as SVG
  • Personal Books makeover and sharing capability
  • A new administration interface (beta)
  • Revamping of the unstructured documents processor
  • Added Web Service for accessing content using business IDs

Personal Books makeover

The Personal Book reader has been redesigned with a new left panel that reorganizes actions into logical groups.

Personal Books can now be shared.
Just a simple click on a toggle and Fluid Topics generates a stable URL that can be sent to colleagues and customers who will be able to access your book in read-only.
You can share/unshare at any time.

A new User Library space makes its debut. It now gathers your Personal Books, but soon will be the place to find all your assets: bookmarks, saved searches, scopes…

New beta administration interface

Fluid Topics inaugurates a brand-new administration tool that is part of the Fluid Topics turnkey portal. Within the same tool, admin users with the appropriate profiles see more buttons and can access interfaces dedicated to managing their Fluid Topics instance.

In the first version, it allows to:

  • View more information (rights, publication and modification dates) and manage content (upload and delete).
  • Edit the look&feel of the UI.

Please give this new version a spin
and let us know what you think.

If you want to know the roadmap and participate to the choices of the next features, feel free to contact us.
We develop Fluid Topics for you.