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Research Findings: How Tech Doc Fails Service Technicians. And How to Fix it.

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Let’s face it: the service technicians’ experience with technical documentation is not at all what you, knowledge and product teams, had expected. The latest Insight-Report Service* highlights the top pain points service teams face in their daily work with product documentation and uncovers sometimes-surprising learnings on what they really miss.

But this is not all bad news! Let’s tackle these issues and explore cutting-edge content strategies, tools and solutions that can revolutionize the way your service technicians access and use technical documentation. You’ll discover how dynamic content delivery, truly mobile documentation, and AI-driven content recommendations can make a world of difference for your technicians’ productivity and satisfaction.
We will illustrate our point with real world examples of how organizations have successfully implemented these strategies in record time to the benefit of their entire organization.

Watch Christopher Rechtien, Innovation Manager at kothes, and Fabrice Lacroix, CEO of Fluid Topics, as they share practical insights and actionable takeaways to make your technical documentation the most useful and acclaimed resource for your service teams.

*The Insight-Report Service is a survey designed and conducted by kothes GmbH and supported by leading customer service associations in Europe

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