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Why Your Whole Company Should Praise Your Tech Content

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Your technical documentation is one of your company’s most valuable assets. The bad news is: your execs and most of the other departments in your organization don’t know about it. Even worse, some even consider tech content as an unproductive cost and try to cut it to a minimum.

Still, your documentation can achieve your company’s most critical goals in all customer-facing areas, and it’s high time your organization understood and embraced the business opportunity brought by tech doc.


What can you learn by watching this session ? 

– How to debunk the most common misconceptions about the business value of tech doc

– How to connect your tech content to your company’s business goals

– and how to demonstrate to your execs how your documentation can effectively generate gains in three main areas of business: Marketing, Customer Support, and Field Services.

We also showcase success stories from leaders in the SaaS and Manufacturing industries and will provide tools to evaluate the benefits your tech doc can bring to your own organization.


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