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New White Paper: Reshape Customer Support with Tech Content in Salesforce

Jun 25, 2019  |  Reading Time: < 1 minute

Far beyond its roots in Customer Relationship Management, Salesforce now delivers and supports many customer-centric processes. And yet, despite being built around a comprehensive and extensible data model, Salesforce is not equipped for storing and managing the technical documentation that is needed.

Fortunately, options are available for solving this challenge! The white paper Reshape Customer Support with Tech Content in Salesforce consolidates years of experience in building efficient customer support infrastructures, and is brought to you courtesy of the content delivery experts at Fluid Topics.

This guide details the practical aspects of making technical content available through Salesforce and how to interconnect that content.Along the way, concrete examples are provided that show the limitations of default choices, and indicate how to dramatically improve the efficiency of both information storage and retrieval. A special focus is placed on the highest-impact capability of information delivery: search.

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Reshape customer support now. Download the white paper that shows you how.

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