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Combine and transform technical content into relevant, useful information that anyone can easily access.

Slash the cost, time and effort it takes to generate technical documentation. Really. Fluid Topics lets you slice and dice data from virtually any source to create a unified knowledge hub of readily available information.

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Do your writers dread updating technical documentation as they face the daunting task of scouring for information from buried sources?


Do you want to produce complete, accurate, useful technical documentation in less time with less cost?


Do you want to pull more value from your DITA-based authoring tools?


DITA and XML based documents, wikis, knowledge bases, catalogs, engineering and support drawings, videos—if it’s digital, we handle it with ease. We’re your ultimate cost-effective clearinghouse. Fluid Topics creates links and coherence between disparate elements.

Integration with topic-based authoring platforms and legacy content


Fluid Topics integrates easily with popular XML-based authoring systems such as preferred partners AuthorIT, Ixiasoft, Componize and EasyDITA, as well as FrameMaker, SDL, Vasont and Astoria.


Our software also indexes unstructured documents such as PDFs, Word files and PowerPoint presentations so that valuable historical information becomes available to everyone, not just a lucky few.


All documents are searchable, protected by the same robust level of security and can be downloaded and printed on demand.

Versatile reader and indexing tools simplify publishing


With our revolutionary reader, searching, browsing and scanning moves from agonizing to wow—on any device. The engine does the navigating through complex structures while users construct limitless connections.


The software indexes every digital source in its native format. Data and metadata content fields are indexed with weighting rules to preserve content structure, including titles, chapters and footnotes.


New or updated topics are dropped directly into the information hub without the need to generate batches of static content.

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By exponentially expanding accessible content, you increase productivity and reduce support costs while improving the work life of your employees.

Knowledge hubs let you better serve and support your users


Advanced text-mining algorithms extract elements to create and align the metadata needed for an unbeatable search experience.


By linking disparate pieces of content, you create a unified knowledge hub where everything looks like it comes from a unique central repository of clean information.


Users then access the knowledge hub from an easy-to-use self-service portal, integrating with other applications such as Salesforce or Zendesk.


Layered access security brings peace of mind. Users access only authorized content through flexible, definable group and role policies.

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