Fluid Topics completely changes the way users work.

We make searching for technical product knowledge efficient and fun.

Fast and easy access to the right information at the right time can make or break the reputation of your brand, the effectiveness of your employees and the loyalty of your customers. With Fluid Topics, information arrives ready to personalize with powerful and easy-to-use tools.

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Are your customers frustrated trying to find the exact information they need to use your products?


Are your support teams stranded in the field unable to leverage your technical documentation?


Do you wish you could pull more value from all the documents your company spends millions of dollars to create?

multi device publishing solution for product documentation

We think Fluid Topics is nothing short of amazing. We eliminate the shortcomings of static publishing and elevate the power of content. Think of Fluid Topics as your “search and rescue system.”
We help your customers and employees find vital information quickly, saving them hours of wasted time, and returning them back to what they really want to do—be productive and drive corporate growth.

Intelligent search capabilities

With Fluid Topics, seek and you shall find exactly what you’re  looking for.


Dynamic filters and context-based suggestions clarify and focus criteria to ensure a fast, successful search.


Our semantic search engine finds every instance of a topic created in your company, breaking down information silos.


Smart autocomplete matches typed characters to speed searches. Even if you’re a typing whiz, the typo-tolerant feature keeps up.


Self-learning spellcheck corrects misspellings and lets you reformulate criteria to pinpoint technical and product references.

Effective results display

The convenience and power of our viewing features put you firmly in control.


Topic results appear with summary, highlighted keywords and links to the exact location within documents.


Filters eliminate redundancy so each instance is displayed just once in the complete documentation library that you see.


Direct Preview drops you deeper into content without leaving the search page.


Our embedded reader with infinite scrolling streams while you read. No need to download and flip through documents.

Fast and fun on any device

The responsive interface gives an unmatched user experience on any device—laptop, tablet, mobile—wherever you happen to be.


Taps, clicks… every action takes mere milliseconds to perform.


When you see it action, you discover how fast and easy it is.  It’s beautiful. It’s Fluid.

Ready for more?

See how your company creates content that exactly fits user needs and changes it as those needs evolve.

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