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Fluid Topics packages cutting-edge technologies and readily available features into an enterprise-grade platform for all your content services. Buckle up and join the rocket-powered ride to modern content delivery.

How We Change the Game

One Integrated Platform

Fluid Topics is a comprehensive software stack composed of modules that are designed to work together to collect, enrich and securely serve your content to users and applications. Packaged as a platform and natively open for integration, it puts state-of the art technology at your fingertips.

Manage your Content Services value chain from a single platform that is loaded with premier functionalities.

Limitless Content Integration

You juggle between many different content sources, and more balls are always being added to the game. Fluid Topics provides a set of ready-to-use connectors for the most common sources. Our processing pipelines ingest all content in its native format and remove the complexity of handling tricky transformation scripts. A truly extensible platform, Fluid Topics offers APIs and SDKs to build bespoke connectors for proprietary data sources.

Smart Content Enrichment

Not all content is born equal, and discrepancies in type and format make it almost impossible to create a consistent user experience. That’s why Fluid Topics includes smart modules to enrich and unify content, extract and align metadata, massage structured formats, and structure unstructured documents.

AI Across the Platform

From content processing and search to metadata indexing and analytics, advanced AI algorithms are pre-trained and optimized to ingest, unify, and serve your content. Embracing AI doesn’t mean acquiring expertise in NLP or studying deep learning at night. Fluid Topics is packed with the algorithms you need to level up your technology transformation game.


Born of the Web and Truly Open

Fluid Topics is designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure and tools. Offering a comprehensive set of REST APIs for everything from searching and reading to publishing, monitoring and configuring, it connects with the tools you use every day. Fully documented APIs and SDKs make the Fluid Topics platform ready to extend its capabilities across your business.

Manage it All with a Couple of Clicks

Fluid Topics is a mature solution with an easy-to-use Admin UI for configuring and monitoring every aspect of the software. Content processing and rendering, UI branding, security, analytics and users are all managed from the same control panel.


Enterprise-Grade Security and Scalability

Our platform is built to exceed the most demanding enterprise standards. Security is paramount, data privacy is by design, speed is a core focus, and uptime is guaranteed. Fluid Topics scales with your business and is ready to ingest millions of documents and respond to billions of queries. Focus on your growth! Fluid Topics has your back.

And More

Flexible Deployment

The choice is yours: SaaS or on-premises, from a simple virtual machine to multiple data centers

Up And Running in Minutes

Adopt our fully brandable turnkey web application to deploy documentation portals and mobile apps in a few clicks

Versatile Integrations

Embed widgets in existing applications and enrich your Salesforce or any other CRM environment with add-ons

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Fluid Topics Content Delivery Platform offers a comprehensive set of features to create intuitive content experiences.


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