Release notes

Fluid Topics Version 2.5

This fall release of 2014 focused on redesigning almost completely the Personal Books. We make it more versatile while preserving the ease of use.

  • Users can now save multiple topics at a time in their personal books, preserving their hierarchy.
  • Users can create their own topics (User Generated Content) and mix them within their existing personal books.
  • Users have full liberty to reorganize their personal book table of contents: changing hierarchy or reordering topics, whether official or user generated.

Personal Books are now read with the same slick Fluid Topics embedded reader interface.

  • ugc
  • scope

Custom views (aka Scopes) – Users can save sets of filters, called custom views, to create a search profile and quickly filter content based on specific contexts, thereby improving the search experience and making it more efficient for returning users.

We also spend a lot of energy on the platform:

  • To support the revamped PBK, the underlying storage has been re-engineered to run on the MongoDB NoSQL storage engine.
  • New way to log and store all events – Agent log capture and storage capability was strengthened to support advanced analytics and dashboard functions in upcoming versions.
  • Upgraded FT app server to Java 8 – The application server that integrates the business logic now runs on Java 8 to benefit from its latest improvements in stability and performance.
  • Upgraded to Antidot v7.7 platform – Fluid Topics now runs on version 7.7 of the faster, richer Antidot technology platform.

Please give this new version a spin
and let us know what you think.

If you want to know the roadmap and participate to the choices of the next features, feel free to contact us.
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