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Software Engineer (C++)

Permanent    Full time
Lyon, Lambesc, full remote


Our customers use Fluid Topics all over the globe, generating millions of daily requests to our SaaS servers. Antidot’s Platform team provides the building blocks for Fluid Topic’s Content Processing and Delivery tools: innovative indexation, search engine and content delivery technology built in house and based on decades of research and product development. Our software provides fast and relevant content to our users. It is mostly written in modern C++ (and marginally in Java and Python) with an important focus on performance, reliability and distributed processing.

The Team

  • Works hand in hand with a Product Owner to optimize the value of the deliverables, and with other teams and the CTO to ensure consistent and operable system design.
  • Designs and reviews quarterly OKRs, ensuring alignment with Engineering and Product Goals in order to maximize Business Value.
  • Follows the Agile/Scrum and Dev(Sec)Ops principles and ensures that knowledge is shared by all team members.
  • Packages and frequently updates the software for our SaaS customers (targeting continuous delivery).
  • Runs alerting and monitoring systems and provides expert debugging assistance to other teams.

As a Software Engineer you

  • Are an active contributor to the codebase.
  • Work at different paces (fast for prototyping, slower for robust operations).
  • Help the team make decisions
  • Are proactive and know how to tackle technical debt when it’s the right time to do so and help break down the work so that the team can work quickly.


👉 Master of Engineering, Computing major

👉 Soft Skills: discuss, collaborate, share, empathize, respect other points of view

👉 Mindset: eager to learn, work in a team, provide a continuous value flow for a rapidly evolving product. Enthusiastic, proactive.

👉 Good English level (international context)

👉 Minimum 3 years’ experience as a software developer with strong algorithmic skills

👉 Very good C++ skills. Knowledge of Python is a plus

Technical Environment

  • C++ 17, Python 3
  • Peer reviews and/or pair coding
  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery
  • Kubernetes & linux containers

If you wish to apply

Located in Lambesc (near Aix en Provence) or Lyon or Full-Remote from Metropolitan France.

Don’t hesitate to send in your resume and your portfolio at [email protected]

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