Make a bold move with your content.

Wow your users with technical documentation they actually use, because now you know how they use it.

Technical documentation suffers from a bad rap. Hours are spent creating content that no one seems to appreciate. If you are looking for a way out of the same old unproductive cycle of the status quo towards a more intelligent, informed way of producing products and support documentation, we’re here to help.

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Would you like to know where and how much time your users spend trying to find information on how to use your products?


Would you like to share empirical data on user experience with your technical support, quality assurance and product marketing teams?


What would you give for actionable reports that could inform content strategy and respond to management’s requests for measurable results?

back office analytics available for dynamic delivery Fluid Topics

Our powerful search, aggregation and sharing abilities are impressive, but what’s more impressive are the windows we open behind the scenes. We log everything users do: topic searches, keyword entry and contextual connections. We then sift through the data to create different views of the user experience, good and bad.

Incredibly useful analytics


Back office tools analyze user behavior, such as where and how often they visit, how much time they spend, what search keywords they use, and which facets they prefer to filter content.

We then sort and sift the raw data to help you pull understanding out of information and use that knowledge.

The findings help you determine what content areas need improvement. They also serve as valuable input for user interface and product design.


Graphical displays help you identify and analyze problem areas and refine content.

Writer performance metrics

Usage reports help you optimize staff time by focusing on subjects and content projects that really matter to your customers.

Feedback on documentation also helps you evaluate your staff’s writing quality and effectiveness.

Convenient centralized management


A browser-based dashboard lets you monitor and configure Fluid Topics features and customize your web portal from one screen.


Intuitive screens allow you to easily upload, create, and manage thesaurus, taxonomies and synonym lists. The software also integrates with advanced Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS)-compliant metadata applications.

A browser-based screen lets you monitor user activity, configure features and customize your web portal.

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