Release notes

Fluid Topics Version 3.10

Fluid Topics version 3.10 is packed with new features such as the topic and document rating capability, the MS Word and Madcap Flare connectors, and new dataviz. Find out more:

Topic and Document rating

We’ve introduced the Rating feature:

  • It lets users with specific roles rate content and invites them to provide feedback. Rating is possible at the document level, both for structured and unstructured documents, as well as at the topic level.

Clicking the More options button gives access to a richer feedback form, including the possibility to add attachments.

The Admin UI lets you choose and configure among several types of rating for documents based on metadata: ‘1 to 5 stars’, ‘Did you like’, ‘Was it useful’ rating types.

Each time a user rates a document, an analytics event is generated and collected. It is used to enrich the analytics dashboards to help you figure out the rating activity and see the most/least and best/worst rated content.

For each submitted feedback, a templated email is sent to the tech writing team, as well as an acknowledgment to the user.

Design Changes

Improved Reader page:

  • The user can resize the document display zone and the Reader page sidebar
  • Highlighting all currently visible topics in the Table of Contents.
  • Adding the Search in document feature within the Table of Contents.
  • The possibility to choose between two document display modes: Infinite scrolling and section-by-section navigation. The behavior can be set by document type with metadata-dependent configuration. You can try the pagination by enabling it in the Reader page admin interface.


The Analytics Traffic menu is enriched with a new dataviz to understand which APIs are the most popular when integrating Fluid Topics with your apps.


The different APIs are categorized to get an accurate view of the calls.


Madcap Flare content ingestion

We have developed and released two new connectors to ingest content published directly from Madcap Flare.

From your Flare editor, you can add a build post-event to seamlessly send the content to your Fluid Topics portal by simply clicking on the “Build” button.

And then, in the Knowledge Hub you’ll see the processed content like all the other sources.


Microsoft Word Connector

We’re happy to release the first version of our Microsoft Word connector allowing a very easy way to upload Word documents to Fluid Topics.



Say goodbye to PDF! If you need to unify your current documentation with your legacy documents written using Word or if you want to complement your technical documentation with documents written by your Marketing department, it’s now super easy to send them to Fluid Topics and provide your readers with a better search and reading experience when consulting these files.


A very active background work as we always reinforce our security standards in alignment with the OWASP requirements:

  • Configuring allowed URLs after authentication.
  • Preventing brute force attacks within the login web service, with a temporary lock for non-SSO-realm user accounts after 3 failed authentication attempts.
  • Adding an eye icon inside all password fields to let users display their masked password.
  • Configuring security headers by tenant.
  • And more.

Pretty URL

You have the possibility to apply Pretty URL templates based on metadata values. For example, you can apply a template to a specific document type or product line only.



In order to enhance SEO capabilities so that web search engines have better content visibility, we have added:

  • A permanent redirection for legacy URLs, especially when pretty URLs are available.
  • A Table of Contents to crawled topics, to increase interlinked topics.
  • Multiple sitemap generation when more than 50,000 documents have been uploaded.


We continue to enrich the Offline mode:

  • Resuming synchronization jobs that are paused and picking up where the job left off.
  • Letting users automatically keep their offline collections up to date, with the automatic sync possibility.


For more information, check the release note

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