Release notes

Fluid Topics Version 3.2

After 9 months of intense work, Fluid Topics version 3.2 is out! Before switching to a new quarter-based delivery schedule, we wanted to make this 3.2 version memorable. It consolidates many improvements to make your documentation portal more efficient and powerful.

Taxonomy Customization

Fluid Topics’ unifying Knowledge Hub combines content from diverse sources such as structured technical docs (e.g. DITA), legacy content, knowledge bases, wikis or social platforms.  Due to the heterogeneity of these sources, metadata elements such as hierarchy or tags can sometimes be dis-aligned in the delivery system.

In version 3.2, Fluid Topics lets you re-align your metadata by automatically renaming items, merging duplicates, and enriching this taxonomy with additional concepts and hierarchical levels. You can for example reorder facet values, add intermediate levels in the tree structure, or merge adjacent tags, dynamically at processing time without having to modify your source content.

Dynamic Suggestions

By adding a list of related content to each documentation section, Fluid Topics automatically creates bouncing opportunities between your documents, even when stemming from different sources, and guide your users as they navigate within your Knowledge Hub.

When reading documents, end-users are presented with a selection of related resources calculated dynamically based on shared metadata.

Thanks to Dynamic Suggestions, Fluid Topics introduces horizontal navigation that makes a user journey in Fluid Topics smoother than ever: reading continues toward relevant documents without any need to run new queries or return to homepage.

Customizable search and navigation experience

In version 3.2, get more control over the look and feel of your documentation delivery system!  Fluid Topics enables you to design in few clicks a search and navigation experience that is tailored to your brand environment, and to your specific target audience.

Through new administration capabilities, Fluid Topics makes it easy for admin users to edit the look and feel of the documentation portal, perform content maintenance tasks, and more. Changes are applied immediately to the portal, no need to restart anything (of course, there is a “preview” mode).

Markdown Support

If you use Markdown to create technical content, thanks to a brand new connector, Fluid Topics is now able to integrate Markdown content automatically to the dynamic documentation delivery portal!

Because of its ease of use, Markdown has been gaining traction among field engineers and subject matter experts to produce technical notes, field reports, maintenance procedures, and more. With Markdown support, Fluid Topics enables you to leverage all product-related content, regardless of its origin, and to consolidate expertise in one single knowledge hub.

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