Release notes

Fluid Topics Version 3.6

Released on July 29th, this release focuses primarily on empowering admins and content managers.
Main new features are:

User interface for configuring everything

To make our customers always more autonomous in managing their Fluid Topics portals, v3.6 brings many new admin interfaces. The most noticeable one is the ability to configure facets and tags directly through the portal Administration:

  • Select which metadata should be displayed as facets or tags
  • Organize them: which facet comes first, etc.
  • Define their labels
  • Choose the way values are sorted

Other admin interfaces include:

  • Configure the integration of a tenant through the OpenSearch protocol, thereby allowing the Knowledge Hub to participate to federated searches.
  • Customize PDF template: download existing PDF generation template, modify fonts, icons, add languages template, and upload it back.
  • Set authentication parameters: authentication required, disable direct login, or logout button, user redirection when logging out, etc.
  • Define a custom search ranking rule.

Search Engine Optimization

To improve indexing and relevance ranking of publicly visible content by web search engines like Google or Bing, a new admin page Web Search Engine enables to activate and customize the way content is exposed:

  • Define document titles specific to SEO by adding metadata, such as version or product, in the title.
  • Expose metadata through the ‘meta name’ tag in the generated HTML content.

Search experience improvements

Fast access to relevant information is central to Fluid Topics’ value proposition. Hence, improving the search experience is a permanently open track.

  • Choose which metadata should be indexed.
  • Index resources that are embedded in content (such as files attached to or referenced in topics).

Analytics UI

New dashboards are coming for analyzing how your content library is consumed: ‘most read’ and ‘least read’ documents, filter and drill-down using the same metadata as for searching, etc.

Plus, to provide fine-grained access control, a new ANALYTICS_USER role has been added so that admins can give access to analytics separately from content management rights.



A Collection is a list of documents that can be synchronized on a device for offline reading, instead of syncing each document individually. Users having proper rights can manage their Collections.


Fluid Topics aims at full WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility compliance, and at providing the most efficient user experience for accessing content through the turnkey portal. For version 3.6, the following improvements were added:

  • Make all pages have a unique browser window title.
  • Ensure that portal images have an alternate text.
  • Add a ‘skip to main content’ button.

Map attachments to FTML

V3.6 brings a new way to attach documents to FTML, making it consistent with the other formats:

  • Either through ControlFile
  • Or directly inside FTML documents with the ftmap file directive.

And more

V3.6 brings many more improvements such as:

  • Enhanced responsiveness of the UI on small mobile devices
  • Automatic SSO routing in case of multiple SSO back-ends
  • Support of CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) for API integration
  • New backup and restore tool (for on-premises customers or full data reversibility)

For more information, check the release note

Please give this new version a spin
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