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The 3 Biggest Mistakes When Taking Tech Doc to the Web

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Fabrice Lacroix shows you how to avoid chaos when delivering documentation online.

Most product documentation websites are a mess. No matter the money and effort they put into it, companies almost systematically fail at delivering product documentation online. Why is that?

For most people, moving from paper-based documentation to technical content on the web is nothing but generating HTML pages that will turn into a website. But believing that tech doc is like any other web content is simply a mistake. Ignore its specificities and the outcome of your documentation project may not reach the goals you have set out, leaving many of your customers in the dark.

Watch Fabrice Lacroix, Web pioneer and founder of Fluid Topics, as he uncovers the intricacies of taking technical documentation to the web, and the cultural and technological clashes it represents. Fabrice provides critical insights for successfully achieving your content digital transformation by elaborating on the different options you need to consider depending on your strategic goals, your corpus of content, and your audience.


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