Scattered, disparate data resources

Does this sound familiar?

Your company is stuffed with pockets of product information sources: technical documents release notes, wikis and knowledge bases. None of it can be easily integrated.

The current online publishing process involves generating PDFs and static HTML pages from pieces of content and uploading them to the website, a time-consuming, tedious operation.

Your team's challenges

  • Users face a tedious search experience because your search engine provides neither contextual nor personalized search functions.
  • Each source of content is bound to a specific application, so finding the right information requires digging around in dozens of isolated locations.
  • The search engine is not able to filter different document types consistently because it cannot normalize different metadata structures.
  • Static PDFs and HTML content generation does not meet your company’s mobile-friendly, agile, customer-centric business goals.

Fluid Topics to the rescue

  • combine-and-publish
  • Advanced text processing and data enrichment technologies meld content from different sources into a consistent unified company “knowledge hub”.
  • Built-in web APIs and widgets allow easily integrate the company knowledge hub with frontline applications and online help.
  • Advanced content facets focus information searches and generate pertinent topic results from both static and dynamic content.
  • User authorization and information access rights are defined and managed through enterprise-wide network security policies.
  • Powerful monitoring and analytics comprehensively track and capture user search and use behavior for valuable insights into information value and relevancy.
  • And much more…