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Best of 2023:
The Fluid Topics recap

Read on to catch up on the highlights from our 2023 year at Fluid Topics. Top webinars, top blog posts, and more.

Fresh Perspective: Reflecting on Fluid Topics’ First Semester 2023

It’s been an exciting start to the year! Here are the 5 things you need to know about the first semester 2023.

That’s a Wrap:
Highlights from 2022

Read on to catch up on the highlights from our 2022 year at Fluid Topics. Top webinars, top blog posts, customer success stories and more.

Growth Marketer

Meet the Team:
Benjamin, Growth Marketer

Let’s meet Benjamin, our Growth Marketer.

Meet the Team:
Lola, Account Manager

Meet Lola, Account Manager at Fluid Topics – She means business!


Meet the Team:
Romain, Software Engineer

Meet Romain! He’s been a Software Engineer at Antidot for 4 years now!


Meet the Team:
Christelle, COO

Meet Christelle, our Chief Operating Officier and one of the first four employees!

6 months review

The 6 Things You Need to Know About the Last 6 Months

Header Product Designer

Meet the Team: Valentin, Product Designer

Meet Valentin, our Product Designer who’s been with us for 12 years now!

VP Marketing meet the team

Meet the Team: Géraldine, VP of Marketing

Meet Géraldine, our VP Marketing and learn more about what she does.

meet the team

Meet the Team: Vincent, Functional Consultant

Learn more from Vincent about what it’s like to be a Functional Consultant

Meet the team

Meet the Team:
Anaïs, Test Engineer

Find out more about being a Test Engineer from Anaïs!

Meet the Team:
Cyril, Software Engineer

If you love coding and cycling, then you’ll enjoy reading more about Cyril!

Where to Meet Us in 2022

Product Owner

Meet the Team:
Aude, Product Owner

Meet Aude, one of our 3 Product Owners and a great advocate of Women In Tech!

Documentation Experts

Our 2021 Ship It Day

Fluid Topics/Antidot has thrown a Ship It Day every year since 2015 and this year was no different! This 2021 edition was very fun.


Year in Review: A Look Back at 2021

Looking back at 2021, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what we accomplished over the course of the year.

Meet the Team Cover

Meet the Team:
Rémi, Head of Technical Documentation & Training

Rémi has been here for over 10 years!

TCWorld Highlights: Glimpses Into the Future of Technical Communication

Four Key Takeaways from LavaCon 2021

Business Continuity and COVID-19


Antidot announces a €5.5m funding round from Ventech and CM-CIC Innovation

New version management for Fluid Topics