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The 6 Things You Need to Know About the Last 6 Months

Jul 7, 2022  |  Reading Time: 4 minutes

It’s already July and a lot has happened since our 2021 end of the year review! We couldn’t actually wait until December to give you an update on everything that the team has accomplished so far.

So, in case you missed any of these stories, here they are again…the 6 things you really need to know about the last 6 months.

1. We released Fluid Topics 3.11 and it included:

  • Taruqa, the most advanced search capability for technical documentation on the market

Taruqa is a reinvention of how the search engine ranks documents to provide you with the most relevant results first. By applying sophisticated language modeling and probabilistic techniques, Taruqa provides superior relevance, as well as a unique capability to tailor the result list specifically to each user by leveraging her profile on-the-fly. Taruqa outpaces the market and opens the door to a truly personalized user experience.

  • The Content Packager

To support users who are working off-the-grid, Fluid Topics has released the Content Packager, a key capability to enable standalone documentation sites. You can now create packages of documentation that your customers can easily deploy within their disconnected environment or in their secured network. It’s the perfect solution for customers who don’t have access to your online documentation portal due to their security policy or any other technical constraints.

  • The Adobe FrameMaker connector

We have added a new connector to publish FrameMaker content into Fluid Topics. It’s easy and fast!

If you want to learn more about version 3.11, you can read the Release Note.

2. Siemens Building Products and Liebherr Mining chose Fluid Topics as their Content Delivery Platform

Earlier this year, we announced that Siemens Building Products had selected Fluid Topics as their Content Delivery Platform. The platform unifies the company’s technical and marketing documentation and optimizes the product experience for all their users.

We create our technical documentation in Schema ST4, then Fluid Topics ingests and transforms our content seamlessly into dynamic, actionable information that is accessible in-context from different touchpoints,” said Rolf Schumacher, Head of Technical Documentation.

Make sure to read our dedicated blog post.

Along the same line, we’ve published a case study featuring Liebherr Mining in which Aurélien Unfer, Project Manager, New Information and Communication Technologies, discusses how their new Fluid Topics documentation portal serves as a secured and single access point for all their technical documentation and how it replaces the existing servers generating infrastructure and maintenance savings, and major usability and efficiency gains.

Fluid Topics has enhanced our search experience. The portal improves the way users can navigate our content, allowing them to find solutions in a snap and improve service levels.

3. We uncovered the 5 biggest myths about Technical Documentation Publishing

Myths about technical documentation and how it’s published are regularly infused into everyday discussions or online publications, so where can questioning parties draw the line between what’s myth versus reality when it comes to tech doc publishing?

In the past year, we’ve been on the lookout for the most common misconceptions about technical documentation publishing. We’ve released a blog post debunking these myths to ensure that those who may have believed them, now fully realize the value of their documentation.

Here is a sneak preview:

MYTH 1: A documentation portal is nothing more than a website

MYTH 2: Building a documentation portal is time-consuming and expensive

MYTH 3: I need to re-write my content for the different types of channels

MYTH 4: Technical documentation publishing slows down the product release process

MYTH 5: I need to write personalized content to deliver a personalized experience

You can read the full post on our blog.

4. We signed 3 new partnerships with DITAPrime, Paligo and RWS

As you know, great things come from solid collaboration! In the past several months we have signed 3 new partnerships with DITAprime, RWS and Paligo.

“We look forward to delivering innovative offerings and connectors to all our customers,” said Fabrice Lacroix, CEO at Fluid Topics.

We’re very excited to be building a strong ecosystem of partners. All of our partners have recognized expertise in their respective industries and are able to help our customers to better solve the challenges that are specific to their business.

Want to learn more about our ecosystem? Visit our website.

5. We hosted 6 webinars

Since January, we have hosted 6 webinars with both The Content Wrangler and CIDM and shared insights with thousands of content professionals. We feel honored to see how many people have found value in the webinars we have produced.

Here are our 4 most attended sessions:

6. We released a new White Paper for Field Service Organizations

In March, we published our new white paper on “Content Services for Field Service Organizations.”

In this white paper, you’ll learn why modern Content Services are critical for Field Service Organizations. Practically, you’ll gain more expertise on:

  • How Content Services improve Field Service Productivity
  • How to Boost Your Team’s Learning and Training
  • How to Develop a Network of Service Partners with Dynamic Content Delivery

➡ Feel free to download your free copy.

What to Expect in the Coming Months?

  • Fluid Topics V4 will launch this summer and it’s going to be epic!
  • We will be attending Nordic Techkomm in Copenhagen, Lavacon in New Orleans, TCWorld in Stuttgart and more in-person events!
  • We will be hosting a very special webinar with a well-known expert on global readiness, intelligent content, and technology solutions!

Stay tuned for more surprises!

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