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tcworld Conference 2022

From 08/11/2022 to 10/11/2022

tcworld Conference 2022 Stuttgart Germany

From Terminology and Software Documentation to User Experience and Virtual Reality, tcworld offers endless Knowledge.

With a Forge of knowledge, competence mediator, source of ideas and inspiration, and a great contact pool, the tcworld conference brings together participants, speakers, students and exhibitors in “technical communication” from all over the world to the largest industry meeting place: from November 8 to 10, 2022.


The Hidden Complexity of Delivering Tech Doc on the Web

Over the past 15 years, tech doc delivery has evolved from physical to digital, from spiral-bound manuals to the Web. But many have overlooked the difficulty of this process: it is not just about generating an HTML output and loading it on a portal. Many factors impact the UX: content structure, site organization, findability, interface design, engagement features, … Believing that tech doc is like any other web content is simply a mistake.

What can you learn by attending this session ? 

In this session, we will expose the hidden complexity of this process and dive into the critical aspects to consider for running a successful project and achieving your content digital transformation.


With Fabrice LACROIX, CEO

08/11/2022 - 4:35 pm CET

Turn your content into outstanding user experiences with Fluid Topics’ Content Delivery Platform

Your technical documentation is a powerful tool for your entire organization. Yet, too much of this content gets trapped in silos and formats, and never reaches its target.

What can you learn by attending this presentation ? 

Join this presentation to learn how Fluid Topics’ Content Delivery Platform captures your product documentation from all sources and formats to turn it into personalized content experiences that drive user enablement, foster product adoption, and boost operational efficiency.


With Fabrice LACROIX, CEO

09/11/2022 - 3:00 pm CET

Personalization – what if Search knows more than a user’s query…

Fabrice Lacroix (Fluid Topics) and Jörg Schmidt (RWS) present:

  • Why reader’s UX is determined by the quality of content and search
  • Basics of search engines: content indexing, metadata auto-tagging, behaviour tracking
  • How to apply this to tech doc


With Fabrice LACROIX, CEO

08/11/2022 - 2:00 pm CET

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