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Talend selects Fluid Topics for Unified Delivery of Technical Documentation

SaaS platform unlocks the delivery of all forms of technical content through any channel.

Lyon, France – December 13, 2016 — Antidot, the search and information access specialist, today announced that Talend, a global leader in cloud and big data integration software, has selected Fluid Topics, Antidot’s technical content dynamic delivery platform, to unify multiple forms and sources of technical documentation and increase its usability and accessibility for users.

Fluid Topics is a SaaS platform that unifies all forms of technical documentation and reinvents its usability and accessibility for users, regardless of the consumption channel.  It indexes manuals, knowledge bases, wikis, forums, social portals and more, regardless of their source and format.  Advanced text-mining algorithms extract elements to create and align the metadata needed to optimize a user’s search experience.

By creating links between individual pieces of content, Fluid Topics produces and delivers a unified knowledge hub where all content appears as though it originates from a unique central repository of consistent information. Users then access the knowledge hub from an easy-to-use self-service portal, fully branded and integrated with the provider’s solution.

Elisabeth Sabot, Senior Director – Documentation at Talend, indicated: “We selected Fluid Topics for its ease of use and for its ability to incorporate all existing content, regardless of its format and origin, including Docbook and DITA based content, but also user-contributed and unstructured content such as forums and wikis. We look forward to increasing the value our documentation provides to our customers, and gaining a better understanding of how software users navigate and consume this valuable content.

We are proud that a technology leader such as Talend has chosen Fluid Topics to enhance their user experience,” concluded Fabrice Lacroix, CEO and founder of Antidot. “Ultimately, making content easy to access and navigate increases customer satisfaction, fosters the use of software, and leads to higher retention rates. We look forward to supporting Talend during their deployment and helping them meet their project timeline.

For more information on Fluid Topics and to request a free test account, please visit https://www.fluidtopics.com/try-it-now/.

About Fluid Topics and Antidot

Fluid Topics by Antidot is an enterprise software solution transforming customer support and product adoption. It elevates the value of technical content by delivering contextual and personalized knowledge at the time it matters, on any device. Changing the way technical documentation is processed and served to users boosts customer satisfaction and reveals their needs. Fluid Topics captures customer readings and behaviors to feed an analytics platform and develop predictive functions.

Antidot is a leading software vendor specialized in advanced semantic search technology and data enrichment. More than 150 clients have chosen and run Antidot products at the heart of their business operations to amplify their performance.

For more information: www.fluidtopics.com and www.antidot.net.