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The Fast Lane to Content ROI: Delivery First, Structure Second

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Many organizations want to boost the user experience with content and offer content services that bring visible value to customers. Organizations want to switch to modern content delivery but often feel they must first move to structured content authoring, implement a CMS (content management solution), and migrate all their content before they can begin. Overhauling the tech doc production process is daunting and the risks of a multi-year project getting canceled due to poor ROI are all too real and lead to many failed projects.

However, the truth is you can move to dynamic content delivery and provide outstanding user experience with a fast impact on your company without needing to re-architect your content. In fact, shifting the paradigm to delivery first and content structure second can be an approach that works for tech writers AND executive management (i.e., your bottom line!).

Join DCL and Fluid Topics as they discuss this paradigm shift of starting with content delivery to optimize the process of restructuring content and get fast, solid content ROI.

David Turner, Data Conversion Laboratory
Fabrice Lacroix, CEO, Fluid Topics

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