Release notes

Fluid Topics Version 3.11

Happy New Year 2022! We’re very excited to announce our latest release. Fluid Topics version 3.11 is packed with new features and functionalities such as the advanced Search capabilities brought by Taruqa, the Content Packager, the FrameMaker connector, and new analytics screens. Find out more:

Search with Taruqa

Taruqa is a reinvention of how the search engine ranks documents to provide you with the most relevant results first. By applying sophisticated language modeling and probabilistic techniques, Taruqa provides superior relevance, as well as a unique capability to tailor the result list specifically to each user by leveraging her profile on-the-fly.

Taruqa has been configured to provide better linguistic relevance out of the box. Its relevance score increases by 48% over our previous search technology that was already considered a reference.

You can also tune Taruqa through the Admin UI to match your business requirements: use any metadata to promote chosen contents. Give more weight to recent documents or specific content types in a few clicks.

Taruqa outpaces the market and opens the door to a truly personalized user experience.

Content Packager

The Content Packager is a brand new feature that allows User Admin to build packages of standalone HTML content, based on custom collections,  for users who have no access to your portal. Whatever the reason, air gapped or LAN environments, limited connectivity, bad network coverage, the downloaded zip file can be sent to your customers to give them access to your documentation without requiring an internet connection.

Content Packager

Each generated package also contains a lightweight JavaScript Web application that provides the end-user with an efficient search and reading experience. The feature also fully supports deep links to manage context-sensitivity. 

content packager january


In the previous release, we announced the rating feature. In this new release, we have introduced a new Analytics page that gives you the possibility to check the most/least and best/worst rated topics. This page will complement the already existing document rating report.

The topic rating function is highly configurable: at the chapter level, at the section level, for each individual topic,…with the possibility to choose between different rating systems (stars, like, useful). The Admin UI lets you create the rules in a few clicks.  

Analytics Jan 2022


FrameMaker Connector

We are adding a new connector to import FrameMaker content into Fluid Topics. 

As the FrameMaker MIF format is proprietary and specific to desktop publishing, we have decided to focus on being able to receive and process the “Basic HTML” export format available in all recent versions of FrameMaker. 

FrameMaker connector
From FrameMaker to Fluid Topics

API Keys

Version 3.11 introduces a new mechanism to declare and manage integrations that use Fluid Topics public APIs. Rather than creating a technical user account, you can now declare your integration in the Integrations>API keys menu. 

API Keys V3.11

For each integration, you can specify the roles and groups needed for your script or application and define IP restrictions.  

The token provided by Fluid Topics can then be used in the Authorization header, using the bearer token. 

API Keys V3.11

For more information, check the release note

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