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Zero-Bug Software Policy: Devoxx Paris Session Replay

Oct 29, 2021  |  Reading Time: < 1 minute

A few weeks ago, Olivier Thélu, Software Engineer at Fluid Topics/Antidot gave a talk at Devoxx Paris on implementing a Zero-Bug Software Policy.  

If you missed it, you can watch the full webinar (in French) below. 

But first things first. What’s Devoxx?  

Devoxx France is one of the most important events for developers in France. During 3 days, Devoxx France offers over 240 presentations, hands-on labs, as well as multiple opportunities to meet a very active developer’s community around several topics: Java, alternative JVM languages, Web, Architecture, Big Data, IoT, Cloud Computing… 

What will you learn from this session? 

  • What’s a Zero-Bug Policy? 
  • What’s a Bug? (You would think everyone would know 😊 )  
  • How did the team handle bug fixes in the past? 
  • How does Fluid Topics apply a Zero-Bug Software Policy and why it works? 
  • How to start at your company? 


Watch the full webinar (in French)

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding content experiences to our customers. We are always looking for talented people who share our passion (especially when it comes to our zero-bug software policy) and ambition to join us and make our team even stronger. If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, get in touch. You can visit our career page to view our open positions.

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