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Dynamic Delivery: What It Is and Why It Matters?

Oct 12, 2018  |  Reading Time: < 1 minute

Dynamic delivery, also known as dynamic content publishing, provides personalized, customized, on-the-fly documentation, that lets the reader gain insight through contextual and complete information.

Fresh from the press, Dynamic Delivery: What it is and Why it Matters is a white paper produced by the Fluid Topics team, that dives into the principles and benefits of dynamic content delivery.

The first section of this white paper helps the reader understand the value brought by dynamic content delivery, and why it has become a must-have not only for producers but also for consumers of information.

It then drills down into the benefits of dynamic content delivery:

  • How it adds findability to content that is diverse in nature, diverse in source, and not consistently structured.
  • How it brings readability to information by adding context, security, and suitability to delivery channels.
  • How it provides shareability of content through documentation virtualization.
  • How it creates interactivity with users through a better understanding of their behavior.

As a bonus, the white paper also contains tips on how to choose a solution that aligns with an organization’s strategic goals, with 10 key points to check.

Get 24 pages of content-rich, illustrated insights into the why and the how of technical documentation!

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