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Content silos are often a burden for organizations like yours! They lead to difficulty finding the right information, inconsistent information across channels, and, ultimately, poor customer experiences.

However, there are ways to connect content silos without incurring long-lasting business disruptions, ongoing costs, or adopting undesirable business practices.

Deliver Outstanding Content Experiences for Your Products


What is Fluid Topics?

Fluid Topics is a Content Delivery Platform that provides a fast and seamless publishing experience. Our solution collects and unifies all your product and technical documentation, no matter the initial source and format, and feeds the relevant content to any digital channel, device, and application, in context with your users’ needs and environment.

Create the Future of Your Technical Content

Embrace an innovative content technology that will transform your company’s technical documentation into on-demand knowledge and improve your customer experience.

Infinite Integration


Break Down Team Silos and Improve Collaboration

Deploy a smart knowledge hub where all your information is centralized, unlock your content’s full potential and avoid silos. Remove friction for all of your team.

Integrate With All Content Sources and Tools

With ready-to-use integrations with authoring tools and CCMS such as Madcap Flare, FrameMaker or even Word, our solution unifies your product and technical documentation from all formats.

Get Your Product Documentation Out Quickly

Deliver documentation in real-time, in sync with each product version rolled out to production. Align your documentation with your releases and keep it up to date on the user side at any time.

Benefit From The Most Advanced Search Engine

Enable your users to find exactly what they’re looking for in milliseconds. Power your digital touch points with the most relevant search engine on the market

Fluid Topics Saved Search


Optimize Your Content With Smart Insights

See how your users interact with your content, identify what they like, anticipate their frustrations, and improve documentation before you’re even asked.

Value Created for our Customers

30%savings inpublishing costs

1 month saved in the
product release cycle

34% decrease in
support tickets

Our Customers Get Results Fast

Hear from Lonnye Yancey-Smith, Executive Manager of User Assistance at Hexagon as she discusses the challenges the technical documentation team was facing and the benefits they’ve experienced since using Fluid Topics.

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