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Technology companies understand that digital transformation is the key to remaining attractive and competitive. That’s where Fluid Topics comes in. Turn your technical content into on-demand knowledge, deliver engaging user experiences and overhaul your operations with Fluid Topics Dynamic Content Delivery.

Benefits for Your Business


Enlighten the Customer Journey

Support your users at every touchpoint of the product experience. From first contact to onboarding, troubleshooting to upgrading, be available where and when your users need you.


Power Up Your Self-Service

Promote self-sufficiency with knowledge portals, inline help, and modern channels such as chatbots. Give your users options to find answers their preferred way and free up your teams.


Boost User Enablement

Facilitate user onboarding by serving progressive, personalized content that builds up product knowledge. Ensure continuous enablement with fresh, contextual information, delivered on the job.


Come as You Are

How you write doesn’t need to dictate how you publish. Move to modern standards of publishing and create value today, no matter which writing tools you use.


Provide Knowledge, Not Manuals

Say goodbye to static manuals, HTML websites, and all other rigid formats. Empower users to take immediate action by serving relevant and contextual content.


Insightful Metrics That Go Beyond Page Views

Drive your business with insights. Precisely track how users interact with your content to make informed decisions and measure their impact on your bottom line.

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Technical Documentation Publishing

User guides, technical and reference manuals, installation and maintenance documentation contain critical information which needs to be readily accessible by your customers

Case Studies


When technical documentation becomes a commercial asset

A discussion with Pierre-Olivier Saint-Joanis, Quality Manager at HPS


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