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Antidot announces a €5.5m funding round from Ventech and CM-CIC Innovation

Jan 23, 2019  |  Reading Time: 3 minutes

Lyon, January 23, 2019 – Antidot, the software vendor behind Fluid Topics Dynamic Content Delivery platform, announced today that it has closed a €5.5m financing round from pan-European investment fund Ventech and its historical partner CM-CIC Innovation (a member of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale Group).

With roots in Lyon and Lambesc (France) and field operations in Boston (US), Antidot has been developing innovative search and enrichment technologies that help companies leverage their textual content since 1999. Capitalizing on its expertise, in 2015 Antidot launched Fluid Topics, a Content Delivery Platform that revolutionizes how technical documentation and product information is published and accessed in Customer Support and Field Maintenance applications.

Antidot targets makers of sophisticated products (software vendors, industrial firms, high-tech equipment manufacturers, infrastructure operators, financial services, etc.) for whom seamless access to technical content is critical to product adoption and customer satisfaction.

This funding enables Antidot to accelerate the development of its strong technology roadmap around content delivery. Building on recent successes with major customers that include Talend (US), Teradata (US), Kone (Finland), Médiamétrie (France) and EasyMile (France), this €5.5m capital infusion also signifies an increase in Antidot’s global coverage as the firm endeavors to both strengthen its US operations and deepen its focus on Northern and Central Europe.

Fabrice Lacroix, CEO and Founder of Antidot, attests to the value of this funding, explaining: “We are pleased to receive the backing of a global investment player like Ventech, and a renewed commitment from CM-CIC Innovation who has been supporting us since the beginning of the story. This new funding will allow us to accelerate the next stages of our growth, both by expanding the functional scope of our platform, and by extending our market coverage in a context of strong internationalization.”

Karine Lignel, President of CM-CIC Innovation and member of the Board of Antidot, adds: “CM-CIC Innovation is proud to back Antidot, and to have supported the various phases of the company’s development. The recent successes of the Fluid Topics solution are extremely promising and we are excited about the next phase of growth.”

Claire Houry, General Partner at Ventech, who with this investment joins the Board of Antidot, explains: “We were impressed by Antidot’s highly experienced team and its extensive international client list. With Fluid Topics, the company leverages 20 years of expertise in Machine Learning to offer software vendors and industrial companies a solution that re-invents the user experience of Customer Support or Field Maintenance departments. We are very proud to work with them to accelerate their international development.”

About Antidot

Antidot is the vendor of a content delivery software platform (CDP) that is based on 20 years of advanced research in semantic search and content enrichment. Its flagship product, Fluid Topics, multiplies the value of technical documentation by delivering dynamic product information in a personalized and contextualized form. Antidot helps more than 150 customers around the world to improve their operational efficiency.

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About CM-CIC Innovation

CM-CIC Innovation is the subsidiary specializing in venture capital investments of CM-CIC Investissement (€3.0 billion in capital), a member of the Crédit Mutuel Alliance Federal Group. It invests in companies developing promising technologies. CM-CIC Innovation selects companies with strong growth potential in dynamic sectors such as information technology, telecommunications, electronics, life sciences, new materials and the environment. For more than 15 years, CM-CIC Innovation has been investing – and often reinvesting – its own capital to support innovative companies in their go to market. CM-CIC Innovation provides long-term capital support to innovative startups to increase their chances of success.

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About Ventech

Ventech, a leading European venture capital firm, invests through offices in Paris, Munich and Helsinki into high-growth companies with activities in the digital economy (Enterprise Software, Deep Technology, Marketplaces, Media). In China, Ventech manages a dedicated regional fund with a team based in Shanghai which also offers business development support in Asia for European portfolio companies.

With more than 850M€ raised since 1998, Ventech has invested in over 150 companies in Europe, China, Russia and in the US.

Current active investments in Europe include successful high growth companies such as Believe, Botify, Freespee, Launchmetrics, Ogury or Speexx.

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Fabrice is Fluid Topics visionary thinker. By tirelessly meeting clients, prospects and partners, he is sensing the needs of the market and fueling his creativity to invent the functions that makes Fluid Topics the market leading solution for technical content dynamic delivery.